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Testimonials for Dragonfly

"You are awesome! I LOVE it!!! If you weren’t so far away I would drive to your house and hug you. The site is friendly and approachable and a breeze to navigate while at the same time being completely professional and polished. My husband sat down to look and we were blown away that we couldn’t find a single flaw. I knew you would do a phenomenal job and you did. I am lucky to have found you!" - Artist Daryl Zang

"Your thoughtful post on AIGA was gracious, personal and articulate. We could not have asked for a better explanation or testimony for the value of AIGA membership. On behalf of your 20,000 colleagues, thank you." - Richard Grefé, Executive Director AIGA

"You're one heck of a good writer." - Ann Nyberg, WTNH-TV News Anchor/Reporter

“Lisa interviewed us several times for profile articles. She is a highly perceptive and gifted writer who manages to capture the essence of the design process with very cogent insights based on intelligent and targeted inquiries. This is not superficial fact-finding but rather the expression of the intrinsic core value of the subject. Brilliant!” - Peter Good, Cummings & Good

“It has been my pleasure over the last year to work with Lisa on the AIGA Connecticut board. Lisa has a wonderful intuitive sense about her that allows her to quickly grasp the essence of problem. She’s a proactive, intelligent professional and a damn good writer. Lisa is one of those people you just like working with.” - Mike Scricco, AIGA CT Ambassador and Fellow

"You are as wonderful as I knew you would be."
- Martee Levi, Artist

"Lisa, You have earned my respect long ago with that awesome balance of etiquette, assertiveness and feminine power."
- Mark Randell Kilburn, Sculptor

"I believe the success of your INK article is your ability to listen, intellectually collaborate and to make difficult ideas understandable to the public."
- Gilbert Boro, Sculptor

"Ok, Don't stand in a doorway when you read this as you may become hopelessly lodged... Hang on to your head, an ego boost attached... I love it Lisa. Spot on nicely done, access-able, significant and of a standard. I'm stoked, can't thank you enough, very happy and impressed."
- Jeff Lilly : INK Publishing

"I enjoy your writing and will be checking back with ArtLOOK to keep up what you come up with next. I so envy those who can write well."
- Cat Wentworth

"I am glad you are a perfectionist- You have given us a world-class site that will be an asset to The Guide as we move forward and expand."
- Matt Holmes, The Art Guide

"I found Lisa Mikulski to be just the right resource at the right time: focused, professional, with a great eye for color and design, and with very fast turnaround time for getting images up on the web -- an artist's best friend and there when you need her! She's got a really good command of the two worlds we as artists now inhabit: the technical issues of cyberspace in today's market, combined with bottom line issues of artistic judgement. I highly recommend her as a great resource for web design, artistic and gallery management."
- Julia Rogoff, Artist